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Top-10 design mistakes in web applications

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According to Jakob Nielsen, these are the 10 most common usability violations found in web applications:

  1. Non-standard interface controls, such as home-grown scrollbars
  2. Inconsistency in the way things work, appear and are labelled across the app
  3. No providing proper affordances that give people visual clues about what they can do with an object (e.g. that they can drag-and-drop an object)
  4. Not giving proper feedback about what is happening
  5. Bad error messages that don’t tell what went wrong and how to fix it
  6. Asking for the same information twice
  7. Not providing defaults (e.g. in a list of radio buttons)
  8. Dumping users into the app without giving them an idea of how it works
  9. Not indicating how collected information will be used
  10. Offering system-centric features that reflect the system’s internal view rather than the users

And generous as Jakob is, he also has a bonus mistake: Reset buttons on web forms.

Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes