Free CSS Snippets and HTML code

March 10, 2018

Pure Animated CSS Weather Icons

A set of 6 animated Pure CSS weather icons. Feel free to use these super-lightweight css icons in your next project. See the Pen Pure CSS Animated Weather Icons by…
March 10, 2018

Perspective CSS3 Shadow Effect

With CSS you can add shadow to text and other html elements. In this example you will learn about the following css properties: text-shadow; box-shadow and transform. See the Pen Perspective…
January 19, 2017

Google Maps Places API Nearby (Example)

Nearby App Example of Google Maps Places API to find different places like ATM, Restaurant, Airport etc nearby you. (with full source-code) Preview on
January 19, 2017

Etsy API Search with jQuery (Example)

Playing around t with Etsy API. Here's a working example of how to make a simple search request to the Etsy API with jQuery. Preview and Edit on

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