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December 21, 2016 in Reference

The top front-end links and tutorials of 2016

Looking back at the top front-end items of 2016. Here are some great stories that caught everyone's imaginations in the world of front-end development 🙂 12 Handy Chrome DevTools Tips These are…
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June 11, 2009 in Coding

200 bullets, arrows and icons for your Webdesign needs

A handy collection of bullets for your webdesign needs - these icons can add that little extra to your design and make your site stand out from the crowd. You…
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January 30, 2013 in Coding

Front-end performance for front-end developers and web designers

It’s hard, if not impossible, to deny that performance is by far one of the most critical aspects of any decent web project, be it a small portfolio site, a mobile-first web…
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August 18, 2011 in Coding

Building native cross platform applications with JavaScript and jPath

jPath is a platform for developing cross - platform native applications using JavaScript and HTML. Project is in "pre-alpha" state, so don't expect to see very descriptive information on this…
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October 17, 2015 in Coding, CSS

Top Bootstrap Widget Components add-ons

Must-have Bootstrap widgets/components extensions that enhances and extends  Twitter Bootstrap for effective development with the framework. Bootstrap video player - jQuery plugin: A customizable HTML5 video player plugin for jQuery…
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April 16, 2008 in Design, UX Design

Top-10 design mistakes in web applications

According to Jakob Nielsen, these are the 10 most common usability violations found in web applications: Non-standard interface controls, such as home-grown scrollbars Inconsistency in the way things work, appear…
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June 20, 2009 in Coding

Aviary launches Falcon image markup editor and Talon for screen capture (Firefox)

Falcon is a blazing fast visual markup tool that was designed to work with Aviary's new Firefox Extension (Talon) for screen capture, as well as for stand-alone image preparation. (more…)
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April 16, 2008 in Coding

Top 10 accessibility mistakes

Here's a nice top ten of things not to do when building accessible sites: Don't use verbose ALT text. ALT text for information-based images should be short and succinct. Decorative…
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April 3, 2012 in Coding

PanoJS3 Javascript panoramic panning and zooming widget

PanoJS3 - An interactive JavaScript widget for panning and zooming a panoramic image stitched together dynamically from smaller tiles. This widget can be used for viewing images that are much…
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